For Darkness Shows The Stars

by Madison Palomino

setting, caracters, problem

on a island, by the north estate, the barn, and the Boatwright

Characters Elliot Tatiana father Kai Captin phnoxies

Problem Elliot is 18 now and when she see's her friend for the first time in a long she doesn't know who he is anymore

Rising action

ok so this is technically illegal to the luddite's because they believe they are not greater then god. the post on the other hand at first thought that they were greater then god and they could make themselves better by enhancement but the luddites"s refused to do the enhancement's. this is when Elliot starts making her own illegal wheat

rising action

when Elliot plants the wheat her father finds out and he has the fields trampled so Elliot now has to replant and has to lay low with it so she goes to Ro she makes beautiful plant such as flowers but there are some flowers that they can't have such as bright ones

Rising action

Elliot friend Kai returns but his name is now Captin Malakai Wentforth Elliot doesn't notice that it is him until they actually meet in person which Elliot soon finds out that they aren't regular people there more then that


the climax of the story is when Elliot finds out that the Kai she knew was gone but little pieces of him where still there "he was jumping so far" "her reflexes weren't fast enough" so when Elliot looked into Kai's eyes she knew from then that he got enhanced


when Elliot found out she stormed off the cliff and to her home she couldn't tell anyone she didn't know who to tell that they were doing illegal things but after all so is she so Kai came to visit her in the barn because she hadn't talked to him in a couple of days and he wanted to know if she needed anything fixed and she said "No"

falling action

when Elliot's cousin comes back from being banished he asks Elliot to marry him but Elliot said "that she doesn't want to marry him." he said that she "wouldn't be the only one who didn't marry for love." Elliot runs down to the Boatwright estate and asks the people if she may stay because she has no where (she owns the Boatwright estate now) they say "yes"


when Elliot talks to Tatiana about the burial for her grandfather and how he wanted Elliot to take his estate and not Tatiana she wrights her a note and asks and Tatiana knows what's best so they decide to send him out to sea. Kai wrote Elliot a letter asking her to come with him on his journey and she gets Ro to go to they leave and now they are exploring the wworld