Early Childhood Ministry

Compass Christian Church--June, 2016

Movin' Up Weekend- June 4th/5th

PreK kids that are starting kindergarten in the fall of 2016 will be Movin' Up to kindergarten at Compass on June 4th/5th. Kindergarten is located towards the worship center with a Big K on the wall. All higher grades will also Move Up this weekend.
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First Look Preview: June

First Look Preview: Creation Station Part 1 (June 2016)
First Look Memory Verse Hand Motions : Creation Station (June and July 2016)
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Pre-K Volunteer Spot Light: Lisa Hethcock

Lisa Hethcock has served in Prek for over 15 years! She has three children of her own:

Vanessa, a college senior; Jacob, a high school, senior; and Deborah age 12.

Lisa LOVES to see her former PreK children get baptized when they are older. She

enjoys serving in the PreK area because this age group is cute, energetic and fun.

Favorite part of leading PreK Worhip: "I love asking them questions and am amazed when they really "get" the point of the lesson. My favorite part is when a little one will be able to tell a Bible story correctly or say the memory verse, or when they apply it to their lives. I can tell when they are getting good instruction at home and I LOVE that - we are all a team training up these children in the way they should go! When the kids sing the songs "Love the LORD your God" or "John 3:16", talk about a joyful noise into the Lord !"

We are thankful for Lisa's service at Compass Church. Take a moment to thank her for leading PreK worship next time you see her!

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