Welcome Back to a New Year!

January 13-17, 2014


Language and Literacy:

  • Our Letterlander for the week is Kicking King (Kk). Students will learn about the letter's sound, proper handwriting form for the capital and lowercase letter, and also explore words that start with 'k'. We also will begin exploring common consonant blends starting with 'ck'.
  • Penguins are the weekly theme. I recommend reading the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. The "Let's Find Out" Scholastic Magazine will be read and used to provide non-fition information about penguins. To reinforce this subject at home, a "Time For Kids" Penguin Edition will be one of your student's Baggie Book assignments for the week.
  • Using fiction and non-fiction text, students will recall facts about penguins to answer questions and write about this unique birds. Students will read, write, and illustrate associated vocabulary words to create a penguin vocabulary book.
  • Opposites will be studied in depth using the book Lost and Found and the natural feather design of a penguin.
  • Sight Words: look, jump

Social Studies

  • This week we will study penguins--their structure and unique traits and actions. Students will compare and contrast these birds to other types of birds. We will observe their ways of life by watching a live streaming of penguins in their zoo habitat!


  • Teen numbers will continue to be manipulated, students writing these numbers, making sets, identifying sets, and using methods to count and understand the meaning of "teen" (meaning a set of ten).
  • Sets of data from graphs and pictures will be compared and conclusions will be drawn and written about the information.
  • 2D shapes names will be reinforced as we investigate their attributes (sides, points) and recognize their written names.

New Set of Sight Words

Your child's sight word ring will have ten more words added to it this week. These words are on purple cards and will be studied this 3rd nine weeks of school. Please keep this set of words in the left pocket of your student's nightly reading folder.

Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 20th is Martin Luther King Day. There will be no school for students this day. School will resume Tuesday.

Star of the Week

January 13- Samantha

January 21- Grayson

January 27- Cheyenne

February 3- Merrix

Snack Schedule

January 13- Samantha

January 21- Jett

January 27- Evin

February 3- Cheyenne

New Nightly Reading Assignment Underway

We have begun our new Baggie Book nightly reading assignment. Please refer to the notes below and let me know if you have any questions!

On Monday, students will choose two leveled-readers and bring them home in his/her reading baggie. These books will be read for the entire week. They will stay in the baggie Monday-Friday. Each night please actively read with you child and sign the reading log. Parents will need to help record all of the requested information onto the reading logs like normal, but new books will not be switched out until the start of the next week. The bags do not have to be turned in daily. They are to be returned to school on Friday when we will check the logs and turn in books.

We suggest the following schedule, but every child learns differently. Feel free to adjust the schedule so that your child can learn best. Also, choose and ask 2-3 questions every night from the Language and Literature Common Core correlated list. These questions are to help assess reading comprehension for each story.

Monday: Children choose two books at school. Guardian reads books to child pointing to each word. Call attention to the title, author, and illustrator.

Tuesday: Student and guardian read together, pointing to each word and sounding out unfamiliar ones. Use illustrations to help with text decoding.

Wednesday: Read together and identify sight words, parts of sentences, and letters we have studies or currently are studying.

Thursday: Student reads most if not all of the text using one-to-one correspondence with words.

Friday: Turn in baggie, books, and record sheet. No official homework. Read a longer picture book for fun!

Any evening your child would like to listen to you read a longer, higher leveled book after their reading assignment, please do so! If chapter books are an interest for your family, the Bethel School Library and Public Libraries have great resources for you to check out and read with your student.

Miss Jenny's Kindergarten

Bethel Elementary- Room 115

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-Dr. Seuss: Oh, The Places You'll Go