DC Staff Update

18 January 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

I managed to get out and about many classes last week and was in awe of the learning I saw happening. In all cases it was based on passionate, enthusiastic teachers providing great learning experiences for students, and the results were obvious.

Thank you all also for coping so well with the limitations created by the closure of the foreshore. Not easy I know but helped by everyone's flexibility.

VP/MYP Coordinator 2015-16

Congratulations to Kirtsy de Wilde who has been appointed to the one-year position of VP/MYP Coordinator while Adrian is back in Australia.

Staffing update

I am sad to announce that Emily Moran is heading back to Europe at the end of this academic year. The position of Head of Drama has been advertised and we are hopeful of finding someone as wonderful as Emily for this role.

A number of appointments have been made for the next academic year. With only 3 newly-created positions and not many staff leaving, the process is a little less daunting compared to previous years. I will inform you of these appointments once Contracts have been formalised, however, can tell you that Jo Grainger has accepted one of our primary LDT jobs. Jo is a DC parent, has done supply for us and is currently managing the Learning Support Centre at Peak School.

London recruitment

I am leaving for the London Search fair on Tuesday evening and will be back in HK Tuesday next week. Please contact Peter Lasscock for any urgent matters during my absence.

Enter, watch ...save the date

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Whole College Staff Meeting

The is a whole college staff meeting for teachers coming up on Monday 26 January. The feedback from the last staff meeting was that people wanted an opportunity to attend another of one of the 3 workshops (Kindness, Strengths and Growth Mindset). Tracey will be sending out information this coming week on sign-up for these.

This week

We welcome back Maureen O'Rourke tomorrow. Maureen is here working with staff in primary and secondary to further develop teacher inquiries.

As you can see, it is a fairly full week with a range of activities across the College.
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