Grade 3, Room 11, News


We are finished with our unit in multiplication and division and we have begun studying fractions. In fractions we are learning how to show and understand that fractions are equal parts of a whole.


In our Writers Workshop, we have begun our Informative Writing. We have picked a topic that we are interested in, and have begun writing facts about our topic. We will then use these facts to write our paragraphs.


We have begun our unit about Animal Adaptations and Characteristics. We are learning the characteristics of living things and what all living things have in common. We are studying life cycles, and predictable patterns in life cycles.


We have been discussing what good readers do: make text connections, question while reading, and summarize as you read in order to understand text.


Grade 3 is scheduled to take the English/language Arts test on Thursday, March 26 and Friday, March 27. We have been working on how to take the test and how to find the answers inside the stories. MCAS is NOT a memory test. Your child should be reading each question carefully, and then he/she should be looking back in the story to find each answer.