Happy Holidays

We Wish You a Blessed Season and a Joyous 2014


Cole is a second grader. He is reading and writing with enthusiasm, loves Legos, Minecraft, and the Boy Scouts. As usual, he keeps us on our toes, but is such a joy.


Elsa loves her nature-based 4K program and dance class (she gets to wear tutus). Our "little teacher" shows strong signs of a future in education, or perhaps something more sparkly and more becoming of a princess.

Disney Highlight!

We so enjoyed a surprise trip to Disney World with Grandma Jackie. Both kids will be in school full time next year, but we hope she comes around just as much. The kids are constantly finding houses in our neighborhood they think she should buy.

Our Dog Bleu

Our newest family member is "Bleu" the 10 month old Aussiedoodle. Her path to being "well trained" will be long, but we can see the promise. Already far bigger than we planned, she is calming, and wonderful somehow even when she is hyper and naughty. Smart and sassy - that must be how we like 'em...