Aquae Sulis

Kitty Jackson


Come to Aquae Sulis! It is well known for it's many famous Roman baths. It is dedicated to the Celtic healing Goddess Sulis and Roman healing Goddess Minerva. The baths cleanse you and are very relaxing. Keep reading for more information on the baths we have to offer...

The Great Bath

The Great bath (pictured above) is the magnificent centrepiece in this amazing complex. All the water in the fountain is from the Sacred Spring and is heated to the perfect temperature to ensure an enjoyable bathing experience. This bath is the most luxurious and relaxing.

The Roman Healing Goddess Minerva

At the baths there is a beautiful statue of Minerva, the Roman healing Goddess. It is situated in the beautiful and calm courtyard. It is pictured below.

Heated Rooms and Plunge Pools

As well as the Great bath, there are many other places in which you can enjoy yourself peacefully. There is a cold, circular plunge pool in which you can refresh yourself after enjoying a lovely massage or other treatment in the heated rooms! The heated rooms are enjoyable and you can recieve many spa treatments there.


The terrace overlooks the Great bath and on a warm, sunny day is a lovely place to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. It is lined with many statues of emperors for you to admire.