Bananas Rus Vs Shoppers Banana Mart

Which One is the Better Company

The Endless Problem

Bananas R us and Shoppers Banana Mart are two rival companies in the banana industry. An up and coming fast food restaurant that specializes in bananas hired me to determine which company to buy bananas in bulk from.

Example Prices from Both Companies

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Pricing Scheme of both Companies

Using mathematical analysis we can determine the prices of both companies:

Bananas R us: C= 37/100x + 1200

Shoppers Banana Mart: C= 21/50x + 950

Understanding the above:

C is the total cost.

x is the number of bananas being bought.

Significance of Solving this Problem

The importance of this linear system is to save money which can be allocated to other concerns. The fast food company can save money by choosing the better option depending on the number of bananas they’re buying. Buying 5000 bananas is the point of intersection because both lines meet at the point (5000,3050). Before this point Shoppers Banana Mart gives the cheaper price and after this point Bananas R us is the cheaper option.


In conclusion, when buying 5000 bananas both companies have the same price. When buying less than 5000 bananas Shoppers Banana Mart is the better option. When buying more than 5000 bananas Bananas R us is the better option.