A Street Through Time

By Ashley and Jane

The beginning of the book

In the beginning of The Street Through Time it started in the 10,000 BC to now in days. So many things have changed. The houses, clothing and more. This is what it was before. In 10,000 BC there wasn’t that much.The people were building canoes by cutting down trees and burning the wood to make the shape. Also the houses were very small and people used wood sticks to make a tepee. The houses were small but some of them were a little bigger than most.

2,000 BC

Then the book goes to 2,000 BC. Through that time a lot of things got more advanced. The houses had more room in them. They were much bigger as well. They weren’t like tepees anymore. The houses were more spread out. There were also fences around the houses. They were small but it worked. The people used them to block off the animals. The clothes got warmer. Most of the things got advanced.

100 AD

n 100 AD bridges were made to help people get across rivers and lakes instead of using canoes. Even though houses were updated people were keeping traditions and using wood sticks to make houses. Kitchens were used to prepare meals as we do now. Stoves and ovens were put in kitchens to heat food.


By the 1400s the church was made to teach about christianity. The gibbet was made and enemies were hung if they were captured or did something really bad. A bridge was made to help people get across the river instead of getting into a canoe.

It all started in 10000 BC until now in days. That shows that so many things have changed over time.