Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room F7

Dates to Remember

April 11- April 15 - Spring Break

Friday, April 29 - SPIRIT DAY: College Day!

Friday, April 29 - READ-IN with Principal Donnelly in the MPR (5:30-10:00 PM)

Friday, May 6 - SPIRIT DAY: Stuffed Animal and Book Day!

May 12 - Whole Class Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo (more information to come)

May 13 - Spring Carnival!

Upcoming Birthdays

April 19 - Diya

April 21 - Marissa

Have A Wonderful and Safe Spring Break!

CEF's Annual Spell-A-Thon

In this week's Friday Folders, you will find the Spell-A-Thon Sponsor Pledge Sheets! Our Creekside Spell-A-Thon is for students in grades TK-5th grade. This is a fundraiser for our school in which all of the proceeds go towards additional educational resources for the students and teachers here at Creekside.

Students will be asked to spell several grade appropriate words for the Spell-A-Thon. Students will be asking for pledges for every word spelled correctly. This is a fun and easy way for students to raise money for our school! (Not to mention, great spelling practice!)

Start to collect your pledges during break! Please seal and return the yellow envelope with pledge money to Miss Crittenden no later than May 4th!

The class in each grade level with the highest spelling average will be announced at Friday Flag on May 6th! Let's get spelling!

Wow! Our class raised over $250 for Pennies for Patients! I am so proud of our class and the money we contributed to help save lives!

Scholastic Reading Club

I will be placing orders this coming Friday, April 15th for our April Reading Club! Thank you to all of the parents who have purchased books through our Scholastic Reading Club website. You have helped to purchase new and exciting books for our classroom libraries.

Haven't made your order yet? There's still time! Follow these steps to place your online order:

Reading Club Order Due Date: April 15

Shop Online:

One-Time Class Activation Code: PBC6D

***You only need this code ONE time!***

Be sure to check your child's Friday Folder every Friday for fliers, updates, and important information!

New Student Passwords

To protect the safety and security of our students, our district has recently changed student passwords that allow students access on MyPlan or MyConnect. Students usernames are still the same, but passwords have changed to a unique four digit number. I have sent home a sheet in your child's Friday Folder with their new passwords. Please make sure that you keep this new password safe and secure.

You can access your child's password if you lose the sheet by loggign in through your parent MyPlan. If you have lost your username and password, please email me to a number to call to retrieve it.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the change in passwords, please do not hesitate to email me.

Weekly Curriculum Update

APRIL THEMES: In the month of April, we will be learning about various animals in different habitats of the world and how they survive in their habitat. Our theme of exploration and global awareness will continue throughout the remainder of the year as we travel to different countries.


Foundational: After the break, we will be reviewing our new syllable type, which is vowel-consonant-e. We will practice distinguishing the differences between closed syllables and vowel-consonant-e syllables. We will be reviewing trick words that we have learned so far this year. We will also be reviewing the concept of multi-syllabic words and how to break apart the words to spell and read.

Literature: We will continue to focus on comprehension strategies that help the reader to better understand the text. We will be learning about questioning, visualizing texts, making connections, determining importance, and analyzing a text. Students will learn to compare and contrast different texts from different authors, genres or topics. We will also be reviewing text structures of both non-fiction and fiction texts and how they help us to better understand the text. When we return from break, we will continue to focus on determining importance. This helps students to distinguish the difference between small details and important information in a text.


After the break, we will be starting our informative writing unit! This unit will consist of students learning how to write about facts that they know about a certain topic. Students will learn how to organize an informational piece to help explain a topic. We will build up to researching an animal of our choice and writing an informative piece about that animal.


Cubs: Cubs will be deepening their understanding of tens and ones and how place value affects our number system when we return from break. They will be learning to represent tens and ones in drawings and recognize groups of tens and ones in numbers.

Bears: Bears will be continuing our study of two dimensional shapes. We will be reviewing shape attributes and then learning how to compose and decompose shapes. We will be learning academic vocabulary that helps us to describe a certain shape (vertices, faces, etc.). Students will be reviewing shapes that they learned about last year, as well as new shapes (trapezoid, rhombus, etc.). Looking ahead, our next topic is looking at whole shapes and determining how to partition the shapes into equal parts (fractions).


This month in science, we will be studying different major habitats of the world: grasslands, temperate forests, tropical rain forests, desert, polar ice, and tide pools. We will learn just a bit about each habitat, and how animals in that habitat have adapted to survive. At the end of our unit on animals in the different habitats, we will pair what we have learned with what we have learned in our informational writing unit, and students will research an animal of their choice.


After the break, we will be traveling to India! I have quite a few countries that I would love for the kids to travel to to experience the myriad of cultures we have in our world. While we travel, we will be learning about continents, and how to distinguish one continent from another.