The Lighting Thief

By: - Rick Riordan

The lightning Thief summary

There was a boy name Percy Jackson he was 12 years old and he was in the boarding school and he was always kicked out of the the boarding school and that was least of his trouble. After that if we see his Greek mythology textbook was into his life. and the Zeus master lightning bolt was stolen and Percy has to find the stolen lighting bolt and he was the only prime suspect to find his stolen lighting bolt. So he share that to his friends and them to help and they agree and they have only 10 days to find that lighting bolt to bring peace to Mount Olympus but Percy has to do more work because he has to find the Thief of the that lighting and also come to the terms with the father who abounded him; solve the riddle of the oracle which warns him to betrayal by a best friend and more powerful than the the god themselves.


He wrote different books like, The lost hero, The red pyramid, The throne of fire, The last Olympian, The battle of labyrinth and etc but i like this one because that book is cool and full of adventure. I didn't read all of these book but i like this book and i will try to read all of these book.

Main Characters

Percy Jackson, Grover, Mr Brunner, Mom, Zeus, Smelly Gabe, Poseidon,Annabeth, Luke, Charon, but i like Grover because he is so funny and cool. He was Percy best friend and always try to save him.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief HD Movie Trailer

By:- Ozair

The End.