Democracy . . .

DEmocracy, the best form of government there is.

Why democracy is so great ?

A democracy is based on participation, people, rights, and responsibilities. In order to have a democracy work, people have rights for example to vote in major decisions, like voting for the next leader of the nation. Because of that democracy can promote unity between the people and the government. Most people feel that they are left out from their country, but in a democracy everyone has the right to vote, which most people later will be satisfied with. Also in a democracy people have many rights and freedoms. Which citizens tend to enjoy the most while in a democratic government, and that makes them not have a reason to go against the government.

Democracy vs other governments.

Democracy is superior to all other governments because of the things it brings to the table not other government do.

First off, Democracy vs Dictatorship.

In a Dictatorship there is one ruler/dictator that rules over everything, leaving people very few, or if any, rights. People are big on freedom of choice and action, in a dictatorship there is none of that. This will result in having people angry and ticked off, and that can cause some citizens to commit crimes, make protests, boycotts, and other form of rebellion. Dictators also use force on the people to maintain their position which, dido, can cause more anger and more rebellion.

On the flip side, in a democracy people will be more peaceful and satisfied. Most importantly in a democracy there is freedom of choice and action. Democracy gives to ordinary citizens the greatest opportunity of influencing public decision, they get to vote and actually be a part in their nation. Think of it this way when people get to do what they want they are happy and peaceful, when they don't they can get very angry.

Which one would you rather have in a country, peace or anger?

Living under a democracy

Barack Obama

Barack Obama, (The President of the U.S). He is the president of a democratic nation, the United States of America, and with that advantage that comes with living in a democratic nation he has done some great things that in other governments he wouldn't achieve. Barack obama has Passed Health Car Reform. After five presidents over a century failed to create universal health insurance, Obama has signed the Affordable Care Act in (2010). It would cover 32 million uninsured Americans. This mandates a suite of experimental measures to cut health care cost growth, the number one cause of America's long-term financial problems. This is only one of the many great things this person had done while under a democratic government.

Facts about Democracy

  • Democracy is one of the most common types of government used in the modern world everywhere, like in schools and businesses
  • Most countries today are ruled in some type of democracy
  • Democracy focuses around the people
  • Every citizen in a democratic nation gets a voice in political issues at some point
  • In a democratic area everyone get a freedom of choice and action
  • The ruler or president is chosen by the people.
  • Everyone has rights and responsibilities in a democracy
  • Any citizen has a chance to be involved in political issues
  • There are different types of democracy, it can be run differently
  • All people are considered equal in a democracy.