Our school trip

Malta, La Valetta

When would we go there?

We are going to go to Malta on 14th June, and we are going to return on 21st June.

What can you do in Malta?

In Malta you can do a lot of things. You can do subwater sports and see the beautiful fauna and flora. The water there is very crystalline and you can practise snorkel.

You can go kayaking, on a sailboat, on a cruise ship...

There are a lot of vegetation, so you can go hiking or trekking if you want to.

Means of transport

Bus: 5:30 - 23:00 Taxi: 1'10€/ km

1 day: 3'49€

3 days: 9'32€

5 days: 11'65€

7 days: 13'98€

Where can you eat there?


Guze Bistro (la Valeta)

Caviar y Bull (San Julian)

Da Luigi (Rabat)

Sepia Restaurant (Marsaskala)

Gruseppi's (Mellieha)

Where can you sleep?


You are going to sleep in Valletta Dormitory with another three classmates.

You are going to pay only 20€ per night.

Interesting places

The capital: La Valeta

Grand Harbour

San Juan museum

Fuerte de San Telmo

Mdina and the cathedral (millenary city)

Hagar Qim (megalithic temple)


14th June: we are going to stay at the hotel.
15th June: we are going to visit the capital and Mdina.
16th June: we are going to visit Hagar Qim, the museum and Fuerte San Telmo.
17th June: we are going to go to Cominos.
18th June: we are going to go to Gozo.
19th June: we are going to go hiking and trekking.
20th June: we are going to practice snorkel and water sports.
21st June: we are going to return to Las Palmas.


Las Palmas 07:05- Malta 23:05
Malta 6:30- Las Palmas 23:00
(2 stops)


Return ticket: 561€

Hotel: 183€

Restaurants: about 50€ per day = 250€

Turistic places = about 200€

Transport = about 80 €

TOTAL= about 1.274€

Enjoy the Trip!