Steelman's Poetry Project

I Tride.

I Wish

I wish I had three day weekends

I wish I had a dog

I wish I had less homework

I wish I had a cool house

I wish I had a car

I wish I had more time

I wish I had more wishes

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

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The Way of the Victor Angeles

He is known for many things,

He is known for untied shoe's.

He is known for having no bling,

He is known for wearing blue.

He likes to have fun,

He likes to have pizza.

He likes to act dumb,

He likes to be a zebra.

He has curly hair,

He has an awkward walk.

He has no care,

He has to talk,

About what he knows,

likes and has.


Rain is wet,

I want to bet,

That rain is wet.

Rain is clear,

Clear and sheer

just like the way we met.

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