Someone to Love Me by: Anne Schraff

Created by: Desire Nnamonah


"Cindy's a spartan room is used mainly to heat TV dinners"

Opposite of luxury, hardness


...Mr. Mitchell fixed his gaze on her.

Like a steady fixed look.


Cindy Abbott is an highschool cartoonist who feels like she always alone and no one loves her. Cindy's Mom Lorraine is waitress at a diner who is dating a awful guy that named Cindy a "Ugly Mugly"; but her mom never notices it and this make Cindy so frustrated. At school it was worst because people always made fun of her beautiful hazel eyes, and this makes her so sad. Until one day at school her teacher told her that he loved her cartoons and she belonged In the school newspaper. On that same day same she met this boy named Bobby Wallace. Who claim to like her, so she was so desperate and lonely that she went out on a date with him, then on she decided to be dating. Everyone was against that because they knew that Bobby was a bad boy and would abuse her. But she didn't listen; until she got bruised in the arm and shout on by Bobby. Later in the story she found out that her mother's boyfriend was a drug dealer and was going to jail; while her own boyfriend was a drug addict and whet to the hospital because he was to overdosed. That's when her Mother and her acknowledge that they the didn't know they had same man type, and so they decided to bond over that. They finally bonded with each other and became very close.