Open House

Carrie Sheffield

Band- First Period

Band has been incredibly fun all year long. In the first six weeks we learned the basics, and we got to know each other and Mr. Bohls. In the second six weeks we started getting into higher and lower notes, and some small songs. In the third, we got into more complicated music, and more difficult skills. Now, in our fourth six weeks, we are focusing more on scales. All year long, I have grown so much as a player and made some new friends.

Theatre- Second Period

Theatre is one of my biggest interests. It is by far my favorite elective and time of the day. We learn new skills regularly, and I always find it enjoyable. In the first six weeks of school, we learned about Ancient Greek Theatre and storytelling. We even got to pick a mythology character and tell a story about our character, I chose Pandora. During the second six weeks of school, we focused on mime. I found it so much fun to create a character and environment without speaking. More recently during the third six weeks, we did stage combat, my favorite unit by far. We had to come up with fight scenes, and that was always fun. Now, in the fourth six weeks, we are working on our play, 'If the Shoe Fits' I am the main antagonist and am super excited for the finished product.

Language Arts- Third Period

Language arts is one of the most comfortable periods of the day. I love Coach Chordas and the environment. We have gone over tons so far this year. We did mostly introductions to topics in the first six weeks. We did tons of fun projects during these weeks. During the second six weeks we did a short story menu. In the third six weeks we did a project, the "Hero's Portfolio".
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Social Studies- Fourth Period

Fourth Period Social Studies is my favorite class of the day. The room is full of my friends, I love history, and Mr. McDaniel is the best teacher ever. During the first six weeks we did an introduction to geography, economy, government, and culture. We then made a large project, in which we created countries. My country was called Caria. During the second six weeks, we learned about the Middle-East. The third, we learned all about Europe in Ports, we then created products to show what we had learned. Now, in the fourth six weeks, we learn about Southern, Eastern, and South-Eastern Asia.
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Science- Fifth Period

Science has been a fun and interesting class to work in. We did all sorts of labs and worked on lab safety in the first six weeks. In the second, we worked with the Periodic table. In the third, we worked with matter. And now in the fourth we worked on renewable and non-renewable resources.

Physical Education- Sixth Period

P.E. has been really well organized and fun. I love how the coaches mix up the exercises and sports we do. So far we have played football, hockey, speed ball, volleyball, and capture the flag.

Math- Seventh Period

Math is one of my favorite classes. We do flip, meaning we watch math videos and take notes at night and come to school ready to work. Throughout the six weeks we have done so many different things I cannot keep track. But I love our teacher, Mrs. Perry. She always provides fun and interesting ways for us to sharpen our skills.
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