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The Pick Punch - Homemade High Quality Guitar Picks For Life

The Pick Punch. A phenomenal creation from America, it took me a month or thereabouts to discover the pick punch accessible in the UK at Plethora Picks.com

Presently your presumably meandering what this thing is. All things considered, it would appear that an extensive stapler and is enormous dark and glossy. You should do nothing more than discover some plastic to "PUNCH" for your plectrum, slide it into the front end of the instrument, and press!

Actually I discovered old blessing cards have the ideal pick feel to me (once punched) however truly, ANYTHING plastic will make a pick. What's more obviously it is all down to individual feel and what lives up to expectations for you however with some playing around (and it is enjoyable to punch gaps in everything!) your going to discover the ideal plastic to make your own pick from.

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I have by and by made 100's I could call my own plectrums from just recyclable materials. The best i have found are:

Terminated Credit Cards

Blessing Cards - Personal top picks, comparable feel to 1mm Jim Dunlops

Portable Top-up Cards

Plastic spot mats - Had some lying around the house that were no more required

Milk Cartons - for a pleasant slim adaptable pick

Clothes washer sachet container (like arial) - Semi adaptable, yet transparent!

Spread tubs - Another illustration to get some adaptable picks

There were loads all the more yet you get the general thought, most compartment bundling functions admirably, and obviously you are doing your bit by reusing the greater part of this old plastic material.

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