Trail of Tears

Robert Flores

Life of Cherokee Indians

1/4 of indians died on root at the Trail of Tears.

Saddest Chapter in American history.

The Indian Act

Andrew Jackson was determined to change Washington and America.

The first major piece of legislashion that he recommend and got pass was the indian removal act of 1830.

Andrew Jackson impowered this act forcebly evict all the indian tribe living east of the missisipi river.

Andrew Jackson took over the indian act.

Trail of Tears

The Indian Removal

Native Americans mostly sufferd from Andrew Jackson vision of America.

Andrew Jackson was demanded them of what to do.

Indian policy caused the president little political trouble because his primary supporter...

Andrew Jackson caused alot of trouble.

Trail of Tears Indian Removal

The CHEROKEES of Georgia., they used legal action of resist.

Cherookes people were by nomeans frontier savages.

Finally federal troops came to Georgia to removal tribes forcibly.

They made cherokees force to leave.