Latin American Leaders

Jose Maria Morelos & Simon Bolivar

Jose Maria Morelos

He was born in Valladolid. Mexico in 1765 and died in 1815. He was a part of the lowest social class (natives/slaves). Jose devoted his life to gaining independence in Mexico because Mexico was tired of slavery and inequality of the social classes.

3 things Jose did to help the independence movement were:

  1. Organized the National Constituent Congress when his mentor was taken

  2. His National Constituent Congress assembled the “sentimientos de la nacion” to abolish slavery and radical class.

  3. Became commander of the group that wanted the obtain freedom from the Spanish

Simon Bolivar

Simon was born in Caracas, Venezuela on July 24, 1783 and died on December 17, 1830. He was apart of the social class (). Simon helped gain independence for Venezuela, Columbia,Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. The countries wanted independence because they wanted to be free of the Spanish control and were motivated by Northern United States success in becoming independent from Britain.

3 things Simon did to help gain independence was:

1. Educated himself and was influenced by the European Enlightenment and believed in the power of intellect and danger of an absolute monarchy.

2. Became a leader of the revolution and used his military tactics that led to victory over Spain and creation of the Republic of Gran Colombia (Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, and Ecuador).

3. Became President of Bolivia (country named after Bolivar)