The Big Bang Theory vs Creationism

Presentation by Matt McCullough

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a theory in which many scientists believe in. The whole idea of this theory is that the world started from one extremely hot dense state and is continually expanding to this very day. The Big Bang estimated to occured between 13.798-0.037 million years ago. Within this hot mass held many galaxies like the specks inside of a balloon. This theory was developed in 1964 after scientist found micro radiation in space. According to this theory, the major atoms released from the explosion were Hydrogen, Helium and traces of lithium. This is a widely accepted theory within the scientific community. Georges Lemaitre was the first who proposed what is now today known as The Big Bang Theory.

An Introduction to the Big Bang Theory (Part 1)


Creationism is the theory that one "god" or "being" with super natural powers created the universe, earth included and life found on it. There are many religions world wide that believe in this theory, such as Christians, Islam and Judaism. This view is supported by numerous religions world wide and has become one of the major believes in how the universe was created. But most scientist believe in the more non-religous theories, such as the Big Bang Theory. Creationism also doesn't involve evolution. Those who believe in creationism do not believe that humans evolved from primates, nor do they believe that other animals evolved. In simpler terms, creationism followers believe that a specific "god" or "being" with special powers created the universe as we non know it and all life that is bestowed upon. They believe that this so called "creator" has dominion, control or power over the universe and its beings that he created according to the theory of creationism.
Creationism (Penn and Teller) (2003)

Similarities and Differences

Although these two theories different and separate they also share one obvious similar characteristic. Both creationism and The Big Bang Theory are theories based on how the universe and all life inside of it were created.

Now for the differences. There are a lot more differences then are similarities between these two theories. Creationism is based more on the side of religion and a god or being while The Big Bang Theory relies solely on science and so called logic for its evidence. Most if not all scientist believe in The Big bang Theory over creationism. Why? Simply because that is what scientist rely and learn from; science. While creationism relies completely on beliefs and a faith system. Although holy books, such as the Bible, which have historical proof that these so called "gods" or "beings" existed. But it is hard to say if these books really are true and what is held inside them is too.


All in all, it solely depends on one's religion if they so as to chose to have or believe in one. As I stated above before, most scientist and realist believe in more scientific theories on how the galaxy and all life held within it are created. Most people who believe in a religion involving or associated with a "god" or "being" believe in creationism. The chose to believe in one or the other is completely up to the individual person.