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What is the Muscular system?

The muscular system is what you need to live. Your heart is a muscle-an involuntary muscle. Involuntary muscles are muscles that move on their own, Voluntary muscles are muscles that you control. Voluntary muscles move with the control of your brain.Those muscles give your bones more support and protect,most of makes you

look like you!It gives you shape!


This is important because your muscular system lets you do all kinds of stuff! Like running,

walking,even blinking! movement is very important,if you don't have movement you will be

staying still forever! the muscular system is what gives you movement,that's a part of why

the muscular system is important! it's very important!!!

why else is the muscular system important?/your lungs.

The muscular system has a something else very lets you breath!!!a body part

called"lungs"that lets you breath air in and out of the body.The orange thing in the picture

are your lungs.first,you breath air into the body,next,the lungs lets the air go in and out.

you can't ever be alive without your lungs,they let you breath air in and out!That's why they

are super important!!!

your heart.

Your heart is a very important part of the muscular system,it pumps blood in to the body and keeps you alive!This is a very important part of your muscular system,it keeps you can take care of your heart by doing stuff like eating foods that makes your heart

stronger like corn,cherry,and drinking milk(not chocolate milk,normal milk, or even fat free

milk) ;) if you don't take care of your heart,you will get sick,very bad! :(

your kidneys

your kidneys takes blood that won't do any good in your bladder and out the body.You

need at least 1 kidney in your body to live!Kidneys take all the useless stuff that you eat and

dumps it out, and keep all the good stuff so you can live! :D

your brain/nerves.

your brain is one of the most important parts of your body!your brain has nerves,nerves

are what makes smart,and keep memories so you don't forget things.your brain can make

your voluntary muscles move,like when running,swimming,and jumping! Something else

your brain does is that it helps you think about things people ask you,and way more!!! :)

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