Welcome to the GLE Community!

Get ready to share an amazing time together.

Our community & your next steps

I am so excited to start this journey together, one that promises to be filled with growth, direction, and powerful experiences for us all. With engaged experiential learning, creative reflection, and dialogue at the forefront of our program, we will explore and develop our own qualities and skills of what it means to be a leader, discuss and deepen our understandings of cross-cultural dynamics and social issues, and build long-lasting relationships based on compassion, empathy, and respect. And most importantly, we are going to have so much fun doing it!

To prepare you for this journey you will be given a few small assignments. Please keep reading to find out more :)

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Pre-program Activity 1

My best leadership experience:

1. Recall a time when you did your very best as a leader. Think about a time when you set your own standard of excellence as a leader. This experience can come from school, work, sports team, clubs, religious group or involvement in the community. It can be from the past or happening right now. Here are some questions to think about and answer.

When did this occur? Who was involved? What were you trying to accomplish? What challenges did you face?

2. Thinking about this experience, what are the three to five actions you took as a leader that made a difference? What specifically did you do to mobilize your group or team to get extraordinary things done?

So please think about the following and email me: christy@viaprograms.org your story by June 27th. It can be between 2-4 paragraphs. Later we will share these stories when we meet.

I look forward to learning about your leadership challenges and triumphs!


The GLE Thailand schedule is coming together nicely. I will have a confirmed schedule for you soon, but for now here are some of the exciting details:

  • Team Project with Mercy Center a place where they focus on education and health care for those in poverty. We will visit, volunteer and interview staff to create solutions for their needs.
  • Workshops on leadership, effective presentations, non-violent communication, design thinking and culture at Thammasat University and more!
  • Visit to Ancient City to deepen understanding of culture and to have fun!


I will be coordinating your insurance information based on the passport you sent me. I will send you follow up emails if I require personal information. I will send you the insurance information to you by email.

Next week...

You will receive an email next week from the GLE coordinators about a culturally sharing activity we will have.

I will post a tentative schedule to Crew.

I will share airport arrival details with you.