Toy Cars Project

By: Avery Morrissette, and Perla Munoz

Day 1. The Research

How do cars work? They work by having engines, transmissions, and other accessories.

Does the size of a car matter? No, because most of the cars all around the world are different sizes.

Does the surface material effect the cars motion? Yes, because if there are bumps on the road that will cause the car to bounce?

Is there a substance that can make cars go much slower than others? No not that we know of.

Day 2. Hypothesis

If the ramp is at different heights the car will not go the same speed.

Day 3. Experiment and Variables

We are using different size ramps and letting cars roll down the ramps and time the cars. The independent variable is the ramp and the dependent variable id the car.

Car = C

Ramp = R

Day 3. Continued Step By Step

1. Make data table with time, ramp description.

2. Put car on ramp, let go of the car.

3. Time car while riding

4. Write down data.

5. Repeat