February 2017 Newletter

Kevin K. Coleman

Principal's News

Dear Parents and Families,

It is February! I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day in advance. The students have been working very hard here at Coleman. I had the wonderful opportunity to shadow a student in Mr. Ok's Fifth Gr. Class. I had a wonderful time and learned so much. The students were very helpful when explaining to me the Eureka math we were doing. I left that day feeling very tired and didn't want to do the homework. Mr. Ok, along with all our other teachers work the students very hard to ensure they are getting the best!

Please join us at Enrichment Nights at Harris every other Wednesday from 5:00-6:30. Check it out on our school calendar at colemancubs.weebly.com. We would also like to invite parents to our SIT meetings on the first Friday of every month from 8:10-9:10. Hope to see you there!

I want to thank all the parents who have completed the SurveyWorks. If you haven't done so already, I ask that you spend a few minutes answering the online survey. You can go right to the site on our school website.

Have a wonderful February!

Mrs. Celeste Conti


What an exciting and fun month February was for Kindergarten. We learned about Groundhog Day and read many interesting facts about groundhogs. We celebrated Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of School. We practiced counting to 100 by ones and tens. In Language Arts we have been blending sounds and "tapping out words." In math we worked on number bonds, addition, and subtraction and have been reviewing in preparation for the upcoming Eureka Math Assessment.

On February 13th, students celebrated the 100th day of school. Besides counting to 100, students worked on stem projects including building a tower or bridge with 100 cups. Students enjoyed creating and building with cups. ( I have pics that can be forwarded to you) Congratulations to Robert who received student of the month for February. February's theme was compassion.

1st Gr.

In February we focused on measurement in math. The children learned how to measure items using centimeter cubes and paper clips. They also learned how to read graphs and answer questions about graphs. We read and discussed many books this month. The children wrote a response to literature to some of the books telling about their favorite parts. We are moving right along in phonics as children become more proficient in tapping out words. The class continues to practice reading strategies during silent reading. This has been a short but busy month in first grade!

2nd GR.

February--Second grade was working on writing personal narrative stories. We are finishing up the math module on 3 digit addition and subtraction.

3rd GR.

Third graders were very busy during the short month of February! In Science, we learned about force and motion. The students learned through experimenting that the more force applied to an object, will result in a greater impact of motion for the object. In Reading we are continuing to work on Fiction and Non-Fiction texts. Module 4 in Math focused on Area and Volume. As you can see, a lot of learning happened in a very short month thanks to snow days and the winter break!


Students are continuing to work hard! We are celebrating Dr. Seuss week by reading lots of great books and participating in the fun school activities. Make sure to read to your child each night!

4th Gr.

During the month of February the 4th grade students have been working on using the benchmarks 0, ½, and 1 to plot fractions on a number line. They also learned multiple ways to compare fractions using tape diagrams, area models, common denominators and common numerators. In Science the students are finishing up the plate tectonics stemscopes lesson. They learned all about what happens when these plates move towards each other(mountain chains form), move away from each other(mid-ocean ridges are formed), or slide past each other(major earthquakes occur). They have enjoyed locating these landforms on maps and pictures.

5th GR.

The 5th grade has been focusing on dividing and multiplying decimals in math using the Eureka Math method. In ELA students have been working with their reading groups as well as focusing on cause and effect, adjectives, nouns and proper nouns. In writing students finished their personal narratives and their If I were President essays. They recently finished their science unit focusing on the three states of matter and their properties. In Social Studies we will be starting our unit on the early Western Hemisphere. We will also be researching different holiday celebrations around the world starting with the country of Italy.


In Speech and Language class, Mrs. King's student's continue to work on learning new vocabulary and practice using complete sentences when conversing with others, as well as other skills. -Talk to your children about what you are doing at home such as when you are cooking. Tell them which steps you do first, second, etc and what kitchen tools you are using. -Talk to your children about fun things you did as a family together in the past. See how much they remember and help them fill in the words/parts they don't remember. **Remember you are your child's first teacher! *


February Parents, you can help your child with math, even if it wasn't your best subject. Here are some helpful tips: * Be positive about math. Show confidence in your child's ability to do math. Remember, everyone uses math all the time. * Encourage creative problem-solving in everyday life. Some examples include: - How many different ways are there to walk to school? - What are different ways I can measure flour to get one cup? - What's another way to arrange the furniture in this room? * Choose gifts that develop problem-solving skills. These may include: blocks, building sets, puzzles, strategy games, board games, scales, and maps. Miss Maciejko Math Interventionist

Social Worker

The 1st grade classes have been working on the four listening rules: "eyes are watching, ears are listening, voice is quiet and body is still." The 5th grade students have been discussing what empathy means and ways to show respect. Please keep a lookout for the homelinks that students are given after each lesson to bring home to discuss and practice with family


Talk to your children about fun things you did as a family together in the past. See how much they remember and help them fill in the words/parts they don't remember. **Remember you are your child's first teacher! *