French Colonies, Location, etc.!

Social and Economic Goals for the French!

Location and Geography!

The French colonies were located in modern day Canada, on the St. Lawrence River. Upon that river were two major posts, Quebec the first one and Montreal the next. The geography in the St. Lawrence river valley must have been very lush to be able to catch the french's attention and have them start colonies. There were lots of Native Americans like the Iroquois and more tribes who would trade beaver pelts for European goods.

Social and Economic goals for French Colonies!

Frances economic goals were to establish these bases for the trade of beaver pelts and get rich off of all these furs there getting by trading with local natives. Socially they tried to get Europeans to settle in the lands of New France, but they never really had lots in there land. After 25 years they still had only a sad amount of 64 resident families.