Physical Consequences

Smoking cigarettes are a bad idea for you body, here is why. Your skin as a smoker will wrinkle faster than a non-smokers would...so you would look like a grandma at the age 20!

Also smoking can give you pretty bad illnesses like Cancer, Emphysema. Another fact is that you fingers will turn yellow... EWWWW!! Oh and it coats the inside of your lungs in my opinion that is just gross! You will also have short of breath, NOT GOOD. Biggest one of all you will get addicted wich means you will have a greater chance of all these bad things to happen to you!!


Smoking cigarettes is another bad thing for you social life, here is why. I tends to make you grumpy all the time. Makes you swing on the mood tree which is very confusing for you friends and family cause on minute you happy and another you sad then your angry. If you smoke it affects your friends, cause you might pressure them to try that which is bad. Also smoking gives you bad breath which makes your friends run cause peeeeyuuu your breath SMELLS. Another thing is that no one wants to hangout with you cause your smoking. Also cause second hand smoke.

4 waya tobacco affects mental and emotional health

First of all you get addicted so you want to do it over and over again which hurts you over and over again which is a bad idea. I t hurts your brain to which I REALLY bad cause your brain is the control organ for your body. Another thing is that you can get emotional when your social life goes down the drain. Also PAIN have you forgotten about pain when you get a disease by using tobacco its painful.


You shouldn't use tobacco cause it hurts you and your family. Your health is on the line when you use tobacco. No one wants to watch you die slowly. Using tobacco can give you deadly illnesses. It Affects your brain which once again IS NOT GOOD!!!!Cause you need your brain to function and be healthy. Also it coats the inside of your lungs. which to me is just nasty really nasty. So here I tell I can't control your decisions and I control you but I have given you the facts about tobacco so now it is up to you to decide..... Will you drop it to stop it?