by Caeden

The Battle of Gallipoli (also known as the Dardanelles Campaign) resulted in nearly 500,000 casualties, mostly from illness. It took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula (Gelibolu in modern Turkey) in the Ottoman Empire. It happened on the 25th of April 1915 until the 9th of January 1916.

The Battle

General Sir Ian Hamilton created a new war to split the Germans. The British Royal Navy led by Admiral Carden tried to attack through the Dardanelles strait in west Turkey. The battle went well.

After the battle, the Royal Navy planned to meet up with the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), but they got trapped in the cove. When the ANZAC was trying to break through, there was another battle. This time, the Royal Navy lost and the Turks retook the cove.

The End

While the Ottomans technically won the battle, the Gallipoli Campaign was a disaster for both sides. It's estimated that both the British casualties and Turkish casualties were 500,000 men combined. Deaths are estimated at over 100,000.