Hardware & Software


Pieces of hardware are physical things you can use for practical use (eg. printing documents). Hardware can range from printers to tablets. They are used for printing, typing, controlling a computer, scanning things, or security. Hardware can include printers, monitors, mice, or tablets.


Types of software are programs such as word or scratch, that are on a computer and cant be touched. Different types of software can be used for different things such as making documents or programs on a digital device. Software can be downloaded from the internet, however some programs are already downloaded on your device. Software can include Word, Scratch, Firefox, or Powerpoint. Software can be used for making documents, trading online, making presentations, making animations, or entertainment.

Examples of Hardware and Software


Different devices are better for different things. For example, a mobile phone is more suitable for communication in public that a laptop. This is because a mobile phone is designed to be mobile, whereas a laptop is more suited to a stationary job.

This is all dependant on what the device is and what its used for. So if you were to compare a tablet and a TV, a tablet would be more suited to mobile entertainment whereas a TV is more suited to luxury entertainment.

Input and Output devices

An input device is a piece of hardware that sends a signal to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) that does something to the software. This can include keyboards (best used with computers in a clean area), mice (also used with a computer), touchscreens (used better in dirty places as they are more resistant to dirt), scanners (best used in clean areas where they wont get broken), microphones (best used in a big room/area as they can be very loud, and are used for this purpose). etc.

Output devices are more hardware pieces, but they are affected by the CPU and input devices. These are devices like speakers (best used in big areas), printers (best used in clean areas so they don't get broken), projectors (best used in classrooms as they are used for presentations), lights (best used in dark areas to make light), and motors (best used in a clean area so it doesn't get broken).

Different types of devices are better suited for some jobs than others. For example, a mouse is better suited for a computer than a mobile phone as mobile phones are supposed to be mobile, but a mouse would make it less mobile.


Storage devices are used to save data from a computer. These devices can include USB sticks, CD discs, micro SD cards, a hard drive, or a DVD disc. These different types of storage devices are better suited to different things. For example, a USB stick is better for use in a computer than a SD card as USB as USB cards have more storage space, and are harder to loose. Micro SD cards are more suited to mobile phones as they are small and reach the phones target of being very mobile.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the operating system in a computer that makes a computer. It takes signals from input devices, processes the, and does accordingly to the output device. It is the piece of a computer that makes it work.