Environmental engineer



Engineering and technology technology pathway Earth, physics. Masters degree: I would do that job because I love working with animals. To prepare people to monitor and coastal environments. Environmental engineer. In high school, I could take biology calculus, chemistry, statistics, advantage algebra. In college I would take Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.


I could go to Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. I picked that school because it is close to home. Marquette is an urban setting. It is a private school an tmhe teacher/student ratio is 14:1. Class size is 33. The ACT score needs to be 24/29 with a GPA at the top 20%.


I would work for you hours a weak if there is six feel I I would word more than $40. I heard your architect rule, engineers, federal. I would urn $49.010 dollars $90,000 or per year. Georgia pacific Green BayWisconsin. Yes this is a courier I could do some day. Pro: It's on the area I live in. They get paid well.con: I would have to go to college for a long time.