How Does Pop Effect The Meat?

By: Erica Benson

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this experiment was to show the affect of pop on meat know what will happen to the meat. I became interested in this experiment because like to see what will happpen to meat when I pour the pop on the meat will it change anything about the raw meat. Or it will do something way different.Information gained from this experiment will that the color and the weigh are different.


Coca Cola: It is sold in more than 200 countries!it has a pH leavel of about 2.7 and Coca Cola can dissolve the calcum in tooth enamel,chalk,and limestone.Rumors say that Cola can actually dissolve a T-Steak in 2 days.Despite having pH lower than Coca Cola.Our stomach still needs enzymes, like pepsin to break down the food in our stomach for digestion.

Salmon:IS the common name for fish in the order Salmonifarmes.They live in the Northern Atlantic and pacific Oceans.They have been born into freshwater,migrate to the sea and return to the freshwater to reproduce,or “spawn”.

Chicken breast:Chicken for food has been around for over 4,000 year.They came from south hem Asia.And after WWll rasing poultry increased.


My hypothesis is that the meat will decrease in size when I pour the pop over it.I base my hypothesis on to see what will happen to the meat when I pour the pop on it.What I thinks going to happen is the pop will change color and the size will decerase in size.


1 Coke bottles

1 Salmon

1 Chicken Breast

2 Bowls

Dv:The size of the meat

Iv:Type of meat

Cv:Kind of pop

Cv:How much pop to put in


1. Get 2 bowls

2. Get 1 salmon and 1 chicken breast and 2 coke bottles

3.Put the salmon in one bowl and put the chicken breast in the other bowl

4. Pour half bottle of coke bottle in one meat and pour the other half of the coke with the other meat

5. Weigh the both meat on the first day and then weigh both of the meat on fifth day

Observations Log/Data

Big image


The original purpose of this experiment was to see over the the 5 day if the meat have turn a different color from the coke.5 days meats has turned and the Salmon stay the same weigh but the chicken Breast went up by 1 oz.The result of the experiment were to see what will happen to the meat.


My hypothesis was that the meat will decrease in size when you pour pop over the raw meat.The result indicate that this hypothesis should be considered.Based on the results of the experiment was wrong about the meat I think the meat will decrease not go up.When you eat chicken Breast and drink coke with it you might feel full because the chicken breast absorbed the coke.If I were to conduct this science fair project again I will check every day and test more meat.


I want to thank Carol Benson and Nicole Benson.them helping me with the science fair.