3 types of upper level clouds

  • Cirriform- are thin and wispy and composed of ice crystals.
  • Stratiform- Appear grayish sheets that caber the sky, rarely broken up into individual cloud units.
  • Cumuliform- Massive, rounded with flat bases and limited horizontal extent but often billow upward to great heights.

Middle Level Clouds

  • Altocumulus Clouds- indicate settled weather.
  • Altostratus- Indicate changing weather.

Lower Level Clouds

  • Stratus
  • Stratocumulus
  • Stratonumbus

Vertical Clouds

  • Cumulus- Puffy clouds
  • Cumulonimbus- Bring storms


  • Radiation fog
  • Advection fog
  • Upslope fog
  • Evaporation fog
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