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1 May 2015

Upcoming Dates

May 4th Make up snow day
May 5th No School

May 11th: All School Library books due back

May 15: Author Share Poetry
May 19th: Field Trip to the Lilly Library and Dunn Meadow
Thursday May 28th Last Student Day

Our Week

Dear Parents,

Another great week in First Grade! We began our week with a dedication ceremony for Rogers as we celebrate our more or less finished remodeling. And while our kids aren't really with us long enough to remember what it looked like three years ago, we did very much enjoy singing Rogers' songs for our administrative visitors and seeing the really big scissors they used to cut the ribbon!

In Math, We continue to work with place value. Using two or more number cards, we’ve experimented to see what is the biggest or smallest two digit number we can make. For example, with 5 and 3, we can make 53 or 35. We’re using base ten blocks to represent numbers. After several rounds, students were quick to point out that no matter how many digits they used, to find the biggest number they just had to put the numbers in order from largest to smallest. Unless of course we used a zero. Then we had to come up with a different strategy. We continue to practice the different ways in which we can add on the number grid. We know that one hop across is the same as adding one. We know that when we take one hop down, it is the same as adding ten. We are working to accurately put these two together. So that 25 + 43 means that we start at 25, take four hops down and three across to land at 68.

We continue to work on refining our money skill, practicing making change and finding differences. Children worked with bags which contained a toy, a price tag and some change. Their needed to determine how much money was in the bag, decide if it was enough to buy the toy and then determine the difference between the two amounts.

This week, as we continue to learn about maps, we learned about the parts of a compass. While I introduced the true names, we kept it simple to help us remember. In first grade terms, the red end of the magnetic needle is "Fred". The orienteering arrow located inside the bezel housing is the "shed". The direction of travel arrow, located on the base plate outside of the bezel, is "Red". Our basic directions were, once you set a heading using the bezel and index pointer (the little white line under the dial), you "Put Fred in the shed and follow Red" Or holding the compass flat in your hand, set your heading, turn your body until Fred is in the shed and walk the direction Red is pointing. We practice using line of sight orienteering-rather than trying to watch Fred which is tricky to do while walking-set the bearing and look up to see what Red is pointing towards and walk towards that object. Check your heading every so often. (Wow. It was way easier to teach that to kids than it was to explain to grownups!)

The first time we went out, we practice setting the bezel to a specific bearing and following the direction of travel arrow (aka Red). We followed specific direction and tried to think about the shape our walking path made. For example, take the heading 90 degrees and walk 10 steps, then repeat for 180 degrees, 270 degrees and 360 degrees. Oh, we just made a square!

The poets in Room 18 have been writing up a storm and we are working on putting together poetry books to have ready for 'publication' at our author share on May 15th at 11:00 in Rooms 16/18. This will be our last Author Share of the year.

On the critter front, the tadpoles, while not forgotten, have taken a back seat to the to the fluffy chicks. The chicks are riveting! They are beginning to get their pin feathers on their wings and their tail feathers. We are not yet able to tell the hens from the roosters. We have enjoyed watching them hop, stretch (ballerina chick), strut, peck and have marveled at just how loud they can be. Everyone had the chance to hold a chick and on several occasions we let a few loose on the floor so we could observe them. The chicks are off to the farm today to be taken care of by a 4H-er who would like to learn more about chickens. The tadpoles are growing rapidly and are beginning to develop tiny leg buds.

On Tuesday, May 19th the entire first grade will be taking a walking field trip to visit the puzzle room at the Lilly Library and to picnic in Dunn Meadow. We will leave Rogers about 8:45 and walk to Dunn Meadow. Classes will take turns visiting the puzzle room while the rest of us play in Dunn Meadow. Your child needs to bring a lunch with a drink (all disposable, no glass please). They should put on sunscreen before arriving to school, wear their red Rogers Rocket t-shirt and appropriate shoes for walking. We will begin walking back to Rogers when the last tour ends at approximately 1:10. In the event of rain, the field trip will be canceled. You are welcomed to join us for any or all of the trip. It is always helpful to have parents with us! I'll be sending home a permission slip next week.

Have a great weekend!
Laura B.

Spelling Words: beginning blends


My class told the story of The Three Little Pigs. I liked the smart pig.