Web 2.0 TOOLS 2016

Buckle Your Seatbelt and Put on Your Thinking Caps!!


What is Web 2.0?

A secondary use for the world wide web; where people can interact, share, collaborate and create. Think of it as an educational playground, there are tools and apps that will entice anyone to take the plunge down the slide into technology integration.


Our purpose is to introduce some of the latest and greatest tools that can be used to accomplish an ordinary task in an extraordinary way. Your students will be 'soaring' with excitement to start creating and collaborating.

Group Discussion

What are some Web 2.0 tools that you know of?

Hint: social media is a broad example


1 Grasp Web 2.0 as a concept for learning

2 Realize the possibilities of websites and apps for Web 2.0

3 Choose your favorites and strike a plan to implement

4 Begin building your Web 2.0 Tools


These cutting edge tools have been chosen from the latest and greatest. Think of all the possibilities for your students here and have fun exploring!


Make electronic flashcards! (from a Google spreadsheet)

Download templates to your Google Drive to make a set of custom flashcards from a Google Spreadsheet. Publish your version of the template to the web and use the link to use the flashcards.

Adobe Spark

Create fluid and rich visual stories

Use scrolling pictures, collages, text effects, and more to create fluid and rich visual stories. Content is stored remotely but you can choose whether to make the link to it public or private.


Stickies, videos, files, and photos can be placed onto one page to look like a cork board

Compile sticky notes, videos, photos, and other files onto one page to look like a bulletin board and share with a group of people. No account needed.

Wordle on steroids!

Create custom, interactive word clouds. You can include custom images or access the photo site's photo library. You can even put your cloud on various merchandise.
Tube Chop

Show just the clip you want!

This is an easy way to watch parts of a video. Simply enter the URL of the YouTube video and choose the section you want to keep. A new URL will be created with your chopped video.

Student Response Systems

This is a game-based online learning site that utilizes quizzes, discussions, and surveys. You will also have access to thousands of already created quizzes. You are able to export students' answers as an excel file when finished.

Students can use any device to answer a multiple choice quiz

Students can use any device to answer a multiple choice quiz, see a point total for each question, and can see the question, answer, and photo on their device.

Upload or link to a video and add quick questions

You can upload or link to a video and then add quick questions for the student to answer. Students can use a code and log in to watch and interact with the video. The website will keep track of the answers.

Allows teacher to communicate with student using text messaging and app while hiding all personal content both ways

Teachers can communicate with students using text message while hiding all personal content both ways. Teachers can send text, photos, videos, and even set messages to be sent at a later date.
Quick Rubric

Create your own rubrics

This is a free and simple way to create, share, and save your own rubrics.

Easy website creation

You can create your own websites using templates or your own design. You can include drop down menus, photo galleries, blogs, and more. It even creates a mobile version of your website instantly! It comes as a website and iPad app, plus, it's free!

Online collaborative whiteboard

This online whiteboard is straightforward and easy to use. You can make boards and share them with others to collaborate. This is offered as a website as well as an app.

Charts and infographics the easy way

Create and publish interactive visualizations of your data.
Timeline JS

Create timelines that are easy to use

Create custom, interactive timelines for websites using Google Spreadsheet or other media.

Other Tools To Choose

Smore - create cool virtual flyers like this one!

Wufoo - create an online form

Twitter - #create a class hashtag for sharing and following

Facebook - network, publicize, collaborate

Socrative - student response with reports

Wix - create a website/ePortfolio

Blogger - share and reflect

Start Creating!!

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