Spread of Industrialization

Leslieann Hoyl

Great Britain

By mid-nineteenth century Great Britain was the worlds first and richest industrial nation, producing one half of of the worlds coal and manufactured goods. Great Britain ,in 1850, the cotton industry was equal in size to all the other European countries combined!


The revolution was spread around at different time and speeds.

The first to be industrialized:

1. Belgium

2. France

3. German states

Governments were very active in encouraging the development; providing funds was a big part of their plan

By 1850 a network of iron rails spread across Euorpe

The Industrialization

North America

In 1800, six out of every seven American workers were farmers and no city had more then 100,000 people.

Grew from about 5 million to 30 million between 1800 and 1860 population in cities became larger, only 50% were farmers out of the population.

Robert Fulton (the Clermont)

Built the first paddle-wheel steam boat in 1807

Railroad in America

The rail road began with fewer then 100 miles of track in 1830 by 1860 though 30,000 miles of track covered the United States turning the United States into a single massive market for the manufactured goods of the Northeast