William Boeing

Great Names in Avation History

Background Information

William Boeing was born on October 11, 1881 and had died at September 28, 1956.

He was born in Detroit, Michigan and was poor, worked on a farm and soon after became a local lumberman in Vienna.

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He went to Yale university and soon after a year of his three year program, he dropped out saying "I felt the time was ripe to acquire timber".


William Boeing was President of the Greenwood Timber company. Founded the Pacific Aero products co. Always fascinated with aircraft. He was part of the National Avation Hall of fame. Received the red barn heiritage award.

Big Ideas

Changed the name of Pacific Aero Products to Boeing airplane company. He was the founder and creator of the Boeing airplane company. Interesting fact: he was Americans most successful breeder of horses.

How it Started

William Boeing started creating airplanes because he was always interested in boat building and aircraft. He created the Boeing Airplane Co. He was aided to do this by Thomas Hamilton, ( another aviator ) who introduced Boeing to a navy Lieutenant, they became good friends and flew together.
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