Get-together lunch date

Mexican/Moroccan food!! YAY!!!

Assalamu'alykum Sisters,

Join us for some delicious food and a chance to catch up before the next semester begins!!! Excited to see y'all!

-Khadija <3


Monday, Jan. 13th, 1pm

235 E 53rd St, bet 2nd and 3rd ave, New York, NY, United States

Their mint tea is killer! I hear the babaganoush, hummus, and falafel are really good as well!

P.S. Pass this along to Taysa, Laura, Yelda, Duha, Jenna, Ameera, Stephanie, Miriam and Boshra (or send me their emails).

If you get lost or have questions, don't hesitate to call me (917) 365 6292.