Help Save The Endangered Squog!

By Tyson Smith

Simple Information about the Endangered Squog

The Squog is a rodent like creature with a body of a squirrel and a head of a dog (Hence the name "Squog"). The Squog also comes in many different breeds like a Husky, Beagle, or even a German Shepard! Most Squogs have been spotted near Vail, Colorado. There are an estimated of 57 Squogs left in Vail or near Vail. The population of the Squog is decresing by the minute because the Squogs are very hostile if they encounter each other (They eat eachother). But they usually eat other small rodents.

The Squog's Environment

The Squog inhabits the beautiful Back Bowls of Vail, Colorado. The environment in Vail Colorado is 60's in the summer and it can sometimes get up to the 80's (Farenheight). In the winter the average temparture from December to March is around 9 degrees. Vail Colorado gets about 190 inches of snow year round'.

The Squog's Ecosystem

The Squog lives in a beautiful ecosystem with many variaties of plants and animals including Praire Dogs, Big Horn Sheep, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Peregrine Falcons, and much more. Some of the plant life in Colorado are Cottonwood Trees, Alpine Sunflowers, Buffalo Grass, White and Lavender Columbine (Which happens to be the state flower), and even Cacti in some of the drier spots of Colorado.

Thanks For Reading!

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