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February 2016


Why do we have a PLC (personalized Learning Coordinator) in our school? In a few words-to help teachers move students to their highest potential. We assist with personalized learning which is a buzz word that does not just involve using tablets. So no, I am not JUST the tablet lady! I want to share with you what I can offer you.

Great Teaching and Learning Spotlight at Brown Summit and Southwest


Mrs. Rogers' ELA class was doing research to help with their writing in Unit 4. Her students were using NCWise Owl to find their own research and conduct their own arguments for the prompt. NC Wise Owl is a great resource to use so students aren't just "googling" to find resources. (You should also check out

Mrs. Lingle's Math classes are all working on "learning pathways" where students begin with a preassessment and based on their progress, they must complete different tasks to show mastery in that particular unit.


Mr. Loveday's Science classes are using Canvas to complete their daily tasks. He sends out daily announcements to the students so they know what they must accomplish by the end of the class.

Mr. Pfeifer's ELA classes worked in groups to compare different texts and explain why they were allegory, satire, or fable. Students were able to choose the text they wanted to discuss instead of just being given the text to talk about.

How are you creating a PLE?

Are you giving students choice in their assignments?

Are you incorporating blogs or discussion boards where students comment on what they are learning?

Are you allowing students to collaborate to learn a new concept instead of lecturing?

Are you giving multiple means of representation for students to learn the material (text, audio, visual)?

Are you allowing students to express how they learned the material in various forms (writing, presenting, drawing, acting, building, or sharing)?

I would love to see these in action, so please invite me in to share in your successes!

About your PLCoordinator

I am so excited to work at Brown Summit and Southwest and see all the great ways teachers are impacting students. I have enjoyed getting into many of your classrooms, talking with teachers about ideas to grow their students, and collaborating on projects to take classes further in the PLE process. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me any time!

Where can you find me?

Southwest : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Brown Summit : Wednesday

Washington Street: Friday