Greetings SaFAri FAmily

Are you ready for your Safari through Memory?

How do we remember

First we record brief information and that is called sensory memory
From there we process the information into the short term memory bin in our brain, where we encode it later through rehearsal
Through rehearsal, information moves into long term memory for later retrieval
Without memories we couldn't function!

When do we forget

Forgetting can occur at any memory stage. As we process information, we filter, alter and lose much of it.
Sensory memory registers great detail
In short term memory only a few items are both noticed and encoded
In Long term storage some items are altered or lost

Improving Memory

Study Repeatedly- prime yourself
Make the material meaningful
Activate retrieval cues
Use mnemonic devices
Minimize outside interference
Study an hour before you sleep
Test your own knowledge, by rehearsal