Chameleon changes color

by: noam ashush, noam sheffer and ido landesman

fact file about the chameleon

name of animal: Chameleon

where it lives: Common chameleon particularly in Africa, particularly the island of Madagascar which is widest range of species of chameleons, and other tropical regions around the world. Some species are also found in southern Europe, Sri Lanka, India and Asia Minor.

what it eats: Chameleon was based primarily on insects such as locusts, grasshoppers, mantises, flies, maggots and especially butterflies. In addition, it also feeds on leaves and special plants and larger chameleons feed on small birds.

what it can and cannot do: Changes color But can not change all colors and devouring with tongu.

other information- Culture: According to Aristotle, chameleon changes colors when she swallows air. Chameleon fueled by the belief that air also appears in the Ovid and Pliny the Younger Romans. The name of the Hebrew B"zkita "mentioned in Sanhedrin Noah animal feed did not know what to once ate a worm fell by a tear and since then she rested cut edible vegetable wormy



Body Type: flattened sides. Chameleon ability to change its shape. Sometimes her flat, high and sometimes swollen and round - it all depends on the quantity of air to reach an chameleon's lungs. Strong skull. Usually small teeth sharp. Cover her body hard. Chameleon skin does not grow with her -cshgof increased replaces the skin sloughing it. Chameleon color changing shades of black, green, brown, yellow and gray
Super Chameleon

why is this animal unique?

In our opinion chameleon is a special animal because not all the animals changed colors and this is something special and rare even humans, we can not do.
we like chameleon changes color because this animals