4/5 News

What is Happening in 4/5 Reading and Math

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

I hope you and your family had a joy-filled and relaxing break! I am looking forward to a great second semester with the Green Gables 4th and 5th graders!

What's Happening in Reading and Math


We are diving back into nonfiction texts and focusing on text structures. We will be looking at how text structure helps readers comprehend and organize information, as well as writing in various text structures. Students will need to read a nonfiction book during reading workshop.

Fourth Grade Math:

Fourth grade mathematicians will be digging deep into problem solving over the next few weeks. Mathematicians will be creating real world word problems and solving problems with multiple steps. We will also be looking at determining factors, multiples, and square numbers to determine if a number is prime or composite.

Fifth Grade Math:

Mathematicians in fifth grade will be taking a break from fractions and moving into decimals again. This unit will focus on furthering multiplication skills and strategies and applying these to decimals as well. Estimating for reasonableness will be especially important as mathematicians continue to develop their problem solving skills.

No School - MLK Day

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