By: Gideon Easley

Apache Lifestyle

  • They ate corn, beans, and sqaush.
  • They used to live in Canada.
  • They store their food In a Farm.
  • They use weapons like, Bow & Arrow, Club, Tomahawk, Jawbone Club.
  • They would other tribe traditions.
  • Their leaders were Geronimo, Cochise, Nahche, Nakaidoklini, Mangas Coloradas.
  • They would live in Teepee's

  • A couple facts about the Apache tribe:
  1. They're main primary source is buffalo.
  2. English is spoken by Apache's today.
  3. Apache women were responsible for all domestic life including cooking, making clothing, taking care of children, gathering firewood and even helping to defend their Apache village if attacked.

Where the Apache lived

They lived in the Mountains and Basins
Nakai: Earth Spirit - Native American Music

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