Poetry Project

Cristobal Maldonado

I wish

I wish I had money,

I wish I had a honey,

I wish I had I owned the world.

I wish I had a dog,

I wish I had who wouldn't marry frogs,

I wish I had trees,

I wish I had bees,

I wish I owned the world.

I wish I had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true.


If I were a tree,

I'd be a money tree,

If I wanted to be part of him I be a leaf,

But even better I'm a the seed.

If I were alive ,

I would be grass,

Because nobody would stomp on me,

And I would eat poop.

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"Why am I so dangerous, Why do I hurt people?", asked the shooter.

"Don't shoot for you aren't a man of revenge", said the stranger.

Why hate when you can love?,

This is an endless battle between man, and anger during the centuries.

Why live with what you have done, then live with an open conscious.

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