Nine Hundred Miles

By: Jake Bales and Colin Richter


The song is written by Cisco Houston, pictured below, in 1953

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The version of the song that we are learning was arranged by Philip E Silvey

This song is written in common time and in 3 parts


This song was released under the record label Folkways Records in the United States. The producer for the song was Moses Asch. The original instrument used in thee song was a guitar, as well as vocals by Cisco.

Why the Two Songs We Chose Are Contrasting

Nine hundred miles and On Top of the World are different in many aspects. The song On Top of the World is written to be sung and played at a faster tune than Nine Hundred Miles, it is also written in a different key, Nine Hundred Miles being written in Db and C major. They also have different numbers of parts, On Top of the World being a two-part and Nine Hundred Miles being in three-part SAB. Nine Hundred Miles is also written as a Tradition American Folk Song, and On Top of the World is written as a pop-song.