Why do they close

Staples to close 225 stores in U.S., Canada

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Staples, Inc. is a large office supply chain store, with over 2,000 stores worldwide in 26 countries. Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States, the company has retail stores, serving customers under its original name in Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy,Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States, while operating subsidiaries in Argentinaas Officenet-Staples, Netherlands as Staples Office Centre, Canada as Staples Canada (Bureau en Gros inQuebec), and in Italy as Mondoffice. Staples also does business exclusively with enterprises in the United States and multiple European countries as Staples Advantage.

question 1

how do you feel about the this news?

question 2

do you think it's a good news or bad news ? (try to consider this question in different ways, such as : the company ,society,business...........)

question 3

compare with the Sears closed, what's the reason to lead this happened? (company, global economy)

question 4

how do you think about their behaviour , good or bad. If you have a company and encounter the same problem what could you do?