Computer Hardware

2nd Year ICT

Hard Drive/SSD

A hard drive is a device that stores and retrieves information. SSDS are a type of hardrive which are smaller. SSDS are mainly used in smart phones and ipads. This is what makes them so fast.

Optical Drive

Optical Drives are a type of disc drive used in play stations which lets you put discs in and out. It uses a laser to scan what is on that disc. Optical Drives are sometimes used to back up small volumes of data.


CPU stands for central processing units. It is a hardrive within a computer system which carries out instructions of a computer program. On large machines CPUs require one or more printed circular boards which is used to mechanically support electric components


The monitor is the screen that is on every computer and laptop no matter who they are made by. I would describe the monitor as the face of the computer.


RAM stands for random access memory. Ram is a form of data storage.

Touch screen

Touch screens are becoming more common and lots of people are using them every day on their smart phones or on their tablets. Touch screen smart phones include: htcs,iphones and samsungs. Examples of tablets are kindle fires,ipads and android tablets. There are also touchscreen computers now available.