ABS Collaborative Planning

Agenda for February 12, 2016 @ 1:00

Faculty and Staff Highlights - Video

A Relational Bank Account that Pays Dividends by Christopher Pugliese and Eran Magen - Johnson

Seven Classroom Structures that Support Student Relationships by Jonte' C. Taylor - Johnson

Student Discipline - Johnson

While one of our school-wide goals is to decrease suspensions and recommendations for expulsion by 50%, I would like to remind everyone that this does not mean we will not hold students accountable for inappropriate behavior. The goal is not to make the numbers look better, but deal with the behavior and help students gain the skills needed to function in society.

Tech Time - Green

Student Success - Johnson

If students are successful, we are successful. If students are unsuccessful, we are unsuccessful.


Are we providing students with what they need?

Think about best practices.

Are we capitalizing on students' strengths?

How are we engaging parents in their students' work?

Why are we doing what we are doing?

Is there a systematic use of data?

Next steps

Do you have the resources needed to carry out your instructional plan?

ABS Literacy Team

Please plan to attend a training session on the 24th of February. Your substitutes have been secured.

USA Test Prep Data - Johnson

Focus Friday Updates - Brand

Lunch Uptate

Please escort your students to the cafeteria at 11:45. You will need to be back on campus at 12:45.

Jeans - Feel free to wear your jeans tomorrow!

Random Acts of Kindness Mission Log - February 15 - 19

Have an awesome weekend!