The Criminal Justice System

The basic steps of the Criminal Justice System

By: Madi Johnson

Crime Occurs

A crime has been committed and in individual has begun to get investigated.

2. Investigation and Arrest or Citation

The police department will continue to investigate until there is enough evidence to arrest them. The individual is then detained and read their Miranda rights.

3. Initial Apperarance

Within 24 hours of arrest, individual that have been taken into custody, must be taken in front of a judge. They can either post their bond amount, or get bailed out.

4. Preliminary Hearing or Trial Information

This process is used to determine if there is sufficient evidence to support the charges brought against the defendant.

5. Arraignment and Plea

The defendant pleas either guilty or not guilty.

Discovery and Pleas

6a. Not Guilty

Defense attorney discovers information that the state has against their client. The trial begins.

6b. Guilty

The defendant goes straight to sentencing.

7. Trail

A jury deliberates over the evidence and comes up with a verdict.

8. Sentencing

Some crimes have a minimum sentence, otherwise the courts will decide.

9. Appeal

Defendants can request to have their case retried.