Libyan Revolution

The Civil War for Libya

When and Where?

This revolution lasted for almost 10 months. The first protest broke out in the city of Benghazi on Febuary 16th, 2011. This revolution ended on November 19th 2011 when their president was killed.

What are the Causes?

The main cause of this revolution is, the people of Libya did not agree with their president, Momammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi ruled with a tight grip that which led the people to have almost no room to oppose. The people where not in favor of their country being under tight control. Thus leading to them wanting to get rid of their president.

Who was involved? This revolution was between the government and the people. The government only wanted a structured and orderly society. The people wanted their natural rights that which was thought upon several hundred years ago. President Gaddafi wanted to have a tighly controlled country, ut the people did not.

What are the lasting effects?

Positive Effects:~Freedom~Pathway to Democracy~Civil Society~Faith for the Future~Nationalism~The Death of The President Gaddafi Shown the Completion of liberationNegitive:~Weapons~US Ambassador Chris Stevens killed~Mysterious Death of Major Gen. Abdelfah Younis~No Provisions for the Young People


Ali Saleh is a singer who became famous when he sang in support of the revolution. ts from Benghazi. The station tries to break taboos in discussions with young people.Ghalia Bouzaakouk is a programme-maker and presenter at Libya al-Ahrar (of the Free People), broadcasting from Doha. Abdallah Douma is the most famous photographer of the Libyan revolution. The pictures in which he documented the struggle are stuck in the memory of the rebels.