My Budget Report!

Paige Martin

My Apartment

Rent= $600 per month


2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

My Apartment pt 2

It was pretty easy finding an apartment, most of them were pretty cheap. Basically all of them had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In the end, I found a very nice place to live.

My Car

Jeep Wrangler X



$199.00 per month


My Car pt 2

I knew from the start what car I was looking for ( a jeep) and I quickly found it with no down payment, and it was very cheap. Overall, i got a pretty great deal on my car!

My Bills

Home Value= $80K- $115K

Water= $65

Electric= $180

Natural Gas=$25

Phone/ Internet=$49

Cable/ Satellite=$99

My Bills pt 2

Because my house payment limit is $111,334.86 in total, i have to pay bills in

that range. I think that this is very high disadvantage because I could be using that

Grocery List

When I was doing my grocery list I had this strategy ; write down the items I see and then try to find something cheaper. This was a really good strategy because it only took me a day and I was under my budget in the end.

My Pet

Yorkie named Lilac